Jones Talmadge

Story Weaver, Dream Waker, Hero Maker

My Art

I have always been interested in bringing joy and imagination into the world. As a science fiction and action adventure story weaver, I create novels, short stories, and scripts that aim to unlock beautiful visions of the future. As a director of dance and theater, I awaken the dreams of the performer and audience alike, with intimate and connected experiences that integrate the heroic capacity of the human body with the complex collective psyche we share. I am also an acrobatic coach and currently perform for Cirque du Soleil. I love to travel the world with my beautiful wife, Anne-Marie, dancing, teaching, and making everyone we meet a little more super. To see my writing work, click on my AUTHOR PAGE, and please dig a little deeper!

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First book published!

You can now see my writing on Amazon.com! My first book of short stories has published on August 30, 2020, and is now available for sale in Ebook and Paperback. “Fierce Catalysts: Shorts about Technology and the Soul.” I am excited about this book, not only because it is my first independent publishing, but becauseContinue reading “First book published!”